Ascension Day in Amish Country

Have you noticed there are no Amish in the fields,  Amish businesses open, or Amish working today?  Today is Ascension Day, a religious holy day for the Amish.  It is forty days after Easter; always on a Thursday, a day set aside to celebrate Christ’s ascension into heaven.

Ascension Day in the Amish Community

For the Amish, Ascension Day is a day of rest and reflection.  It begins with a church service in the house, barn or business of one of the congregation.  After services, the day is free for families to gather, have picnics, play volleyball and enjoy their time together.

Amish Easter Holidays

The Amish have many holidays this time of year. It all started with Good Friday when Jesus died on the cross.  Next is Easter, which is when Jesus arose.  Following is Easter Monday which is a solemn remembrance of Jesus’ death.  Ascension Day comes next.  Lastly, Pentecost Sunday and Monday which is fifty days after Easter, the day Jesus’ followers received the holy spirit.

Amish Impostors?

Why are tourist shops busy as usual if the Amish people are all home?  The reason is the Amish no longer own the main tourist shops.   Furthermore,  the “Amish” that are working today are impostors, dressed in Amish clothing making you think that they are Amish.    Did you get an Amish buggy ride today or on any given Sunday?  Once again folks, Amish impostors, the authentic Amish experience is nothing more than a joke on the tourists.

In conclusion, when making plans to visit the Lancaster Amish Country keep in mind the Amish holidays, remembering they are a deeply religious people and will not be working on a holy day.  Drive around the back roads, the small country shops and roadside stands are where you will be able to experience the real Amish culture.

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Author: Kay

Kay lives with her husband and four kids in the center of the Lancaster Amish, away from the tourist traps where real life happens.

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