Horse and Buggy Mennonite Versus Amish

The Horse and Buggy Mennonite or Team Mennonite as some call them mostly live north of 340 over the ridge of New Holland, PA down thru Weaverland Valley.  The Mennonite faith began in 1536 with a Catholic Priest, Menno Simons.  The Amish were part of this Mennonite group until 1693 when they broke off.  Both groups are very conservative, speak PA Dutch at home and are similar with slight differences.

You can tell the outward difference between the Horse and Buggy Mennonite and Conservative Amish people easily.  There are many sects of Mennonite and Amish that do not believe as the conservatives do, however, for ease of writing, in this post I will refer to the Conservative Amish and Horse and Buggy Mennonite as, Amish and Mennonite.

Horse and Buggy Mennonite Women Versus Amish Women   

The first thing you notice on the women is that their caps are different. The Amish cap is heart-shaped, while the Mennonite is more like a cap.   Both the Mennonite and Amish wear the same style dresses but the Mennonite’s wear prints, the Amish plain colors.  Also the Amish fasten their clothing with pins and the Mennonite with buttons.


The Mennonite’s have black buggies; the Amish have gray buggies.  Bikes are the way the Mennonite’s get around, and the Amish use scooters.  Both groups will get a taxi driver if they need to go somewhere that will take too long with a horse and buggy.



The Mennonite farm with tractors that have steel wheels while the Amish use horse-drawn farm machinery (also with steel wheels).



The Amish use homes for Sunday church.  The Mennonite have churches which they share rotating every other Sunday with another Mennonite group, the Black Bumper Mennonite.  Both the Amish and the Mennonite hold church every other Sunday, visiting friends and family on the “off” Sundays.

We live on the ridge in New Holland.  To our north most of the farms belong to the Mennonite while to our south most farms belong to the Amish.  Both groups are good neighbors, hard workers, good to do business with and as a whole, good people.








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