New Holland Sales Stable Horse Auction

New Holland Sales Stable is a livestock auction on 101 West Fulton Street, New Holland PA.  It is the largest livestock sale in the East.  Here local farmers bring their livestock to buy and sell.  Each day it is something different; horses, cows, pigs, goats, dairy, etc.,  It is an excellent place to go to see the local Amish and Old Order Mennonite in action.

New Holland Sales Stable

New Holland Sales Stable livestock auction

Monday – New Holland Sales Stable Horse Auction

The horse auction is the busiest day so that is what I am going to talk about.  It starts every Monday at 10 am. The horse owners bring the horses to the auction Sunday evening or early Monday morning then the horses  are vet checked before the sale; any horse deemed unfit for sale will be turned away.  Consequently, this has sadly resulted in abandoned horses at the sales stable, or horses returned home and starved.

Well before the auction begins, the sales stable is bustling with activity.

First  of all, you see excited horse lovers walking around searching for the perfect horse. Then, there are rightfully concerned citizens from rescue groups that are looking for horses they can save. Lastly, some people go to the auction just for the excitement and to watch people.

Equestrian supplies for sale outside the New Holland Sales Stable
Equestrian Vendors outside the New Holland Sales Stable

Outside the Sales Stable, there are a variety of vendors selling, lead ropes, saddles and a  hodgepodge of horse supplies.  The prices are excellent! The mood is festive, and many people come every week to socialize with their friends and hang out. Some people love this auction and consider it a great place to get a horse for under market prices. On the other hand, many people hate it because many of the meat markets buy from this auction, as a consequence, horses that do not deserve to die can end up in the slaughter pen.

Every Monday as many as one hundred to one hundred and fifty horses pass through this auction.

New Holland Livestock Auction
Leaving the New Holland Sales Stable

Finally, after an exciting day at the New Holland Sales Stable, you see all modes of transportation returning to their farms with their winnings!

Auction Schedule

Monday: 7:30 am – Pigs;  9:00 am – Sheep/Goats;  10:00 am – Horses/cattle

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:00 pm Sheep/Goats

Wed: (1st and third of the month) Feeder Pigs

In conclusion,  the auction is a great place to witness the Lancaster community in action and who knows, maybe you will come home as a new horse owner! nike air max thea damen nike air max thea damen